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5 Basic Things To Check When Buying The Right Voltage Stabilizer Capacity

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5 basic things to check when buying the right voltage stabilizer capacity

The 5 basic things you need to check before buying a voltage stabilizer capacity are simply listed below. These 5 things would help you get the right voltage stabilizer capacity for your entire home, apartment, or office.

Simply go through them and have them as a check list for buying the right voltage stabilizer capacity.

  1. First, you should know how much capacity of voltage stabilizer you need.

First of all, to get the right voltage stabilizer capacity for your apartment or office, you need to make a list of all the items or equipment you want to load or power on the stabilizer.

From the list of items, simply check the power factor of each item. This could be seen around the plug section of the appliance or on the carton of the product. This is mostly in watts, KW, KVA or in Amps.

You would also need to check which of your appliances are inductive load appliances. Appliances such as the AC, Freezer, Pumps etc are inductive load appliance that uses almost double or more wattage at start up points.

So, in the calculation, simple multiple your inductive load wattage by 2 to be on a safe side.

Add all the wattages together to help you get the total wattage.

To convert your Kilowatts to KVA, simple multiple your final answer by the power factor which is mostly around 0.7

Check out the Stabilizer load calculator 

  1. Note the number of Phase (Three phase or single phase) you use at your facility

To check if you would be using a single phase or 3-phase voltage stabilizer, you would need to check the number of cut-out switches you are using at any point in time on the facility. Most average apartments are usually using a single cut out which means they are mostly on a single-phase usage. Few buildings and industrial areas are using 3 cut out at the same time which means that they are on 3-phase. Facilities that have any 3-phase equipment are normally using 3 phase power supply.

If you are using a single phase, that means you should be using a single-phase stabilizer. Incase you are using a 3-phase power supply, you can either use 3 separate stabilizer of single phase each or a single 3-phase voltage stabilizer with the right capacity.

Voltage cut-out

  1. Your prevailing High and low voltages.

It is also very good to know or note your prevailing high and low voltage in the area for your voltage stabilizer to work very well. You should note how low your voltage is when the voltage is very low and very high. This would help you select the right type of Stabilizer with the right input voltage range.

Should your current be lower than the input voltage range of your voltage stabilizer, most stabilizer would trip off or show “error” message on the voltage stabilizer screen.

We have lots of input range voltage stabilizer in the market this day. You could get a voltage stabilizer that can take an input voltage as low as 45V to supply 220V.

  1. The voltage fluctuation rate in your Area would help your Voltage Stabilizer.

The voltage fluctuation rate in your area is also very important in selecting the right type of voltage Stabilizer and capacity. In an area with very frequent voltage fluctuation, a servo type of voltage stabilizer would be able to manage this better. When the rate of fluctuation in your area in very little, meaning that you have steady low or high voltage supply at all times, you could be able to use a relay type of voltage stabilizer.

  1. You need to decide how much percentage of voltage variation your load can sustain.

Most installers of voltage stabilizers would always advice that you load your stabilizer at any point intime to a maximum of about 60% – 70% load capacity of your voltage stabilizer capacity. This means that if your total load in the apartment is about 10,000VA (10KVA), you would need a voltage stabilizer capacity of about 15,000VA (15KVA). This would help prevent overload situation during a situation when your voltage is low.

To easily get through all this stress, why not visit our Stabilizer Load Calculator today to help you out.



2 thoughts on “5 Basic Things To Check When Buying The Right Voltage Stabilizer Capacity

  1. If i have my equipment with the specifications below what size of voltage stabilizer do i need.
    The specs for the freezer
    Voltage: 230V
    Amps: 5.9
    Hz: 50
    Phase: 1

    And at the site where the equipment is installed there’s a 15kva voltage stabilizer. is it possible to tap a single phase line to power the equipment?

    Thank you

    1. Hello,
      The stabilizer required for the equipment should be about 5KVA if your input voltage is not lower than 198v. Should your voltage be lesser than this, you will need a 10KVA Stabilizer.

      You can load your Freezer on the 15KVA Stabilizer if you load is small on it.

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